The Good News: Biblical History is Cyclical

When you mention Joshua 24 to most Christians, the verse that pops into mind is, “As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.”  Although a great verse, I believe there is a more significant point being made in that last chapter of Israel’s journey: “As for the bones of Joseph, which theContinue reading “The Good News: Biblical History is Cyclical”

Youch! Putting the Spurs to Students…

To be brief, I am wrestling with Dr. T. David Gordon’s heavy arguments in a small book entitled Why Johnny Can’t Sing Hymns.  As my mind to this point has spent much energy trying to justify my current views and to find exceptions to the author’s arguments, he made this statement about contemporary educational methods: NotContinue reading “Youch! Putting the Spurs to Students…”

Top Ten Reasons I Love My Widows

Yes, my  widows.  As their pastor, I am blessed to have them as members of my flock (1 Peter 5:1-2).   And yes, I am unashamed to call them “widows”.  These women wear the label like a badge of honor, and Biblically speaking, they ought to (1 Timothy 5:3).  Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, myContinue reading “Top Ten Reasons I Love My Widows”

Are Historicity and Poetry Mutually Exclusive?

Last week I was talking with some students about the events surrounding Jesus’ crucifixion, and it came up that their religion professor denied the historicity of the “curtain torn in two” account given in Matthew, Mark, and Luke, claiming it was mere poetic flourish.  The torn curtain was explained to be poetic license taken byContinue reading “Are Historicity and Poetry Mutually Exclusive?”

Retweets, Reposts, and Links: Gimme Something Original!

A large portion of our online interaction these days deals with sharing discoveries, pages, videos, and memes not original to ourselves.  Some of this stems from the fact that we as social creatures enjoy things more when we share them with someone; God did declare in Genesis 2 that it was not good for manContinue reading “Retweets, Reposts, and Links: Gimme Something Original!”

Less Formal = More Authentic? Come On, YRR! Put on Your Suit and Tie!

Is Christianity minus the “suit and tie” more authentic than it’s formal forebear?  As sermons are proliferated online, we are slowly becoming more familiar with the pastor who preaches sans pulpit with plaid shirt un-tucked and a pair of skinny jeans.  This slouched approach to church gatherings reveals itself further in the relaxed liturgies (orContinue reading “Less Formal = More Authentic? Come On, YRR! Put on Your Suit and Tie!”

“A Well Remembered Well”

Happy St. Photina’s Day!  “Saint who?” you ask?  Perhaps you know her better by her Russian name…Happy St. Svetlana’s Day!  Still scratching your head?  March 20 is the festal day for Photina, the name traditionally attributed to the woman Jesus met by the well on a parched day in Samaria.  Let’s crack our Bibles openContinue reading ““A Well Remembered Well””