Should My Church Be All About Numbers? Y/N

Is it right to care about how many people attend a church worship service? What about those churches that seem so obsessed with metrics and growth statistics that they reduce people to faceless numbers? In a pair of companion articles at Southern Seminary’s Southern Equip, I argue both for and against being all about numbers. Curious?Continue reading “Should My Church Be All About Numbers? Y/N”

Why Many SBC Churches Are Still Ripe for Abuse

By now, I’m sure many of you have read or at least heard about the expansive report from the Houston Chronicle about systemic abuse among Southern Baptist churches, a report which will continue to unfold in all its wicked, heart-breaking sorrow in parts 2 and 3. This morning, Beth Moore started a thread of womenContinue reading “Why Many SBC Churches Are Still Ripe for Abuse”

Church, It’s Not Okay to Act Like Old Testament Israel

The congregational meeting started off well enough. Prayer was said. A few announcements. However, as the evening wore on it was clear that there was unrest among the people. At a particular moment, as if choreographed beforehand, a well-known belligerent stood waving a petition of the names of others who were also displeased with theContinue reading “Church, It’s Not Okay to Act Like Old Testament Israel”

Why I’m Troubled by VP Pence’s Address to the SBC

I posted last night: Several friends and church members were curious why this late announcement from the leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention elicited such a strong response from me. I wanted to share a few thoughts. First of all, it has nothing to do with VP Mike Pence’s personal character or Christian faith. IContinue reading “Why I’m Troubled by VP Pence’s Address to the SBC”