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I have had the privilege to work with editors at several different online publications. Check out some of these articles below:

You Can Do the Right Things in Ministry–and Still Fail” (The Gospel Coalition)

It’s Never Too Late to Forgive a Flawed Father–or to Ask How He Got His Scars” (Christianity Today)

“1989” — Chapter 1 in e-Book You Belong with Me: Taylor Swift and God’s Transforming Love (Think Christian)

Phoebe Bridgers’s Blip of Faith” (Think Christian)

Huck Finn and the Providential Benefit of Good Novels” (The Gospel Coalition)

How Are Pastors Handling Ungathered Worship?” (Christianity Today)

No Sweat Sermons? No Thanks” (Christianity Today)

How Your Church Can Become More Service-Oriented” (Speak For the Unborn)

Recognizing the ‘Sins of Our Fathers’ Means Admitting We’re Their Children” (Christianity Today)

Fleet Foxes on the Existential Shore” (Think Christian)

Pop Psalms: Lizzo’s ‘Truth Hurts’” (Think Christian)

Why We Need the Book of Revelation Right Now (And Always)” (Southern Equip)

Biblical Narratives Are Often Gloriously Ambiguous” (The Gospel Coalition)

Kesha and Taking the High Road” (Think Christian)

Can You Repent If You Were Caught?” (Desiring God)

Tyler the Creator’s IGOR and Art as an Act of Service” (Think Christian)

How Can I Know If I’m Wasting My Life?” (The Gospel Coalition)

Lana Del Rey’s Dangerous Hope” (Think Christian)

Anima: Where Choreography Meets Theology” (Think Christian)

How Should I Preach Chiasms?” (The Gospel Coalition)

Where a Desperate Small-town Pastor Found Hope” (Southern Equip)

Who Needs to Hear Proverbs 31 the Most?” (Christianity Today)

Snail Mail’s ‘Lush’: Listening Alone, Together” (Think Christian)

Putting the ‘Service’ Back in Worship Service” (9Marks)

Expository Preaching Is Good for the Preacher” (Southern Equip)

Three Reasons Your Church Shouldn’t Be All About Numbers” (Southern Equip)

Three Reasons Your Church Should Be All About Numbers” (Southern Equip)

Keeping Satan’s Fingerprints Off Your Marriage” (Christianity Today)

Christianity Today’s 2019 Book Awards” (Christianity Today)

The Best Music of 2018” (Think Christian)

Eminem and Our Kamikaze Culture” (Think Christian)

Pop Culture Primer: Music” (Think Christian)

Should A Pastor Use Greek And Hebrew In His Sermon?” (Southern Equip)

When Church Relationships Are Hard” (The Gospel Coalition)

God Hates Abuse” (Christianity Today)

Kacey Musgraves and the Spiritual Golden Hour” (Think Christian)

Dad, How Big Is God?: Parenting Through the Tough Questions” (Desiring God)

Easter’s Resurrection Power and Global Mission” (IMB)

Seeking Communion in First Aid Kit’s Ruins” (Think Christian)

Justin Timberlake’s Crisis of Conviction” (Think Christian)

One Question to Ask Before You Text” (Desiring God)

Seeing Ourselves in the Story of the Magi” (IMB)

3 Reasons To Not Skip the Boring Parts of the Bible” (Southern Equip)

The Best Music of 2017” (Think Christian)

Let Sufjan Stevens Help You Find Your Christmas Unicorn” (Christ and Pop Culture)

Four Reasons Every Pastor Should Exercise” (For The Church)

How to Stop Flirting with Sin” (Desiring God)

Beck’s Colors: Songs in the Key of Joy” (Think Christian)

The Three Essentials for Every Pastor’s Toolbox” (For The Church)

Five Simple Ways to Get Young Students Excited About Old Hymns” (Southern Equip)

‘4:44–Hearing Jay-Z’s Confession” (Think Christian)

God Will Bring You Through: Finding Strength for the Storms You Face” (Desiring God)

The Sneaky Simulation of Imagine Dragons’ ‘Evolve’” (Think Christian)

I’m Wasting My Time in a Small Town Church” (Immanuel Network)

4 Reasons College Ministry Is a Sacrifice Worth Making” (Southern Equip)

Jesus Died to Redeem Our Sleep” (Christianity Today)

Hospitality Is War” (Desiring God)

CAPC Digest: Navigating Our Social Media Dystopia” (Christ and Pop Culture Podcast)

Dave Eggers’s The Circle: A Social Media Dystopia” (Christ and Pop Culture)

Magi, Wise Men, or Kings? It’s Complicated” (Christianity Today)

Three Theological Reasons Why We Can’t Afford Not to Pray for Each Other” (Christianity Today)

Good Liturgy Is Theology in Action” (SBTS Blog)

“Your Joy Soothes Another’s Grief” (Desiring God)

“Expository Preaching Is Therapeutic” (For The Church)

“The Neverland Hope in Chance the Rapper’s ‘Same Drugs'” (Christ and Pop Culture)

What Is a Pain-Capable Bill? An Interview with Mark Hendrick” (Canon & Culture)

Why Is the Bible So Repetitive?” (For The Church)

Should Artists Protest?” (Canon & Culture)

Practical Questions to Ask Before Entering Church Revitalization” (SBTS Blog)

The Earthly Temple and the Empty Tomb” (The Gospel Coalition)

Socialism’s Lonely Eden” (Christ and Pop Culture)

Six Ways to Ruin Your First Pastorate” (For The Church)

Resist the Urge to Say You’ll Be Praying” (For The Church)

A Joyful Cog in God’s Giant Plan” (Desiring God)

Men, Are You Leaving the Homefront Unguarded?” (ERLC)

Two Bedtime Prayers for Weary Parents” (Desiring God)

Pray for Your Children: The Priesthood of Parents” (Desiring God)

Should a Pastor’s Wife Play Second Fiddle?” (For The Church)

‘1989’: Everything the Same, Only Different” (Christ and Pop Culture)

“‘All of Me Wants All of You’: Sufjan Stevens’s Manelich and Broken Love” (Christ and Pop Culture)

What Freedom of Religion Is Not” (Canon & Culture)

Where a Desperate Small-town Pastor Found Hope” (The Gospel Coalition)

I’m Southern Baptist and I Love a Man” (The Gospel Coalition)

The Me Monster of Singleness” (Single Matters)