Do You Love Your Diet More than Jesus?

Would your friends more quickly characterize you as “gluten-free”, “vegan”, “pro-organic”, “pro-free-range”, etc., than as a “Christian”? Do you abstain from eating at others’ houses or with other people out of fear that they might expect you to eat something that’s against your diet? Do you share your views on food and diet with more… More Do You Love Your Diet More than Jesus?

Asleep in the Garden

The scene in the Garden of Gethsemane is iconic. The tension rises as the troupe of eleven disciples follow Jesus through the ominously black night, passing over the Kidron Brook and climbing the Mount of Olives to their familiar place for late night prayer. The narrative is thick any way you cut it. Literarily speaking, Gethsemane is the… More Asleep in the Garden

The Bible’s Authors Have Feelings, Too

Humans are emotional beings. Today’s social media is like standing in front of a spewing emotional fire hydrant. The things we post, share, and read are invested with happiness, sorrow, outrage, or rejoicing. These days cold, logical arguments strike readers as inauthentic. Nothing rings with more true than a heart-wrenching testimonial or an experiential editorial… More The Bible’s Authors Have Feelings, Too

‘Chef’s Table’ at Christ and Pop Culture

I had the privilege to work with Christ and Pop Culture on an in-depth analysis of Netflix Original Chef’s Table. It’s a fascinating mini-series that looks at six world-class chefs. Here’s a snippet: In a food-frenzied entertainment culture, the Netflix original Chef’s Table (2015) stands out as a mini-series where food isn’t merely food. With Season 2… More ‘Chef’s Table’ at Christ and Pop Culture