A Few Words for the Worst Part of the School Year

Greetings from Week 19 AKA the mathematical middle of the academic calendar AKA the worst part of the school year. We are equidistant from the beginning and end, stuck in a no-man’s land with Christmas break behind us and a vast wasteland of “learning” ahead. We are short on motivation. The weather is cold. TheContinue reading “A Few Words for the Worst Part of the School Year”

A Few Principles for Effective Teaching

Successful teaching is not a plateau we reach but a lifelong climb across an ever-evolving landscape. Students graduate, culture shifts, knowledge expands, personal experiences bring new joys and sorrows. Along our winding pilgrimage, various factors will constantly shift—both within and without—but certain elements must remain constant if we and our students are going to flourishContinue reading “A Few Principles for Effective Teaching”

What Is Christian Classical Education?

With classical schools popping up across the nation, it might be helpful to step back and ask a few foundational questions: Recently I spent some time trying to answer two questions: What is a Christian education? What is a classical education? I do think these are distinct, although more and more I’m seeing a conflationContinue reading “What Is Christian Classical Education?”

The Wicked Lack Courage

Famous books often have famous opening sentences. Pride and Prejudice‘s iconic, ironic first line comes to mind. Even those who haven’t cracked the cover of Melville’s Moby-Dick know its three word intro: “Call me Ishmael.” Well-crafted first sentences manage to set the tone, pique the reader’s interest, and introduce major themes. They serve as aContinue reading “The Wicked Lack Courage”