I Was a Lost Pinky Toe in College

The college semester is back in session, and our church is seeking to minister to the flood of students who descended upon the liberal arts college a couple of blocks down the road. At 30, I am already beginning to feel that drift, as the gulf of experience between me and these young men and […]

Grove City College: What’s in a Name?

On Sunday, Dr. Michael Coulter shared an article about higher ed institutions changing their names. He posted the playful remark: “For GCC alums: Other colleges have changed names. What if GCC renamed itself? [my preferred name: Ketler College] The ‘city’ in GCC makes some think we are a community college.” What ensued was a lively […]

The Deterioration of the Teacher & Student Relationship

College education has changed a lot in the past two decades. While the demand for bachelor’s degrees has ballooned, many institutions have struggled to keep enrollment up in an increasingly aggressive market. Extension campuses and online/modular classes have made it possible for larger universities to poach student pools who previously attended local colleges. T.V., websites, and […]

On Grove City College and Fostering a Liberal Arts Culture

It’s a shame when I hear people speak with lackluster tone about their Alma maters.  It’s almost as though college was a place they merely tolerated.  They put their heads down and plowed through to that graduation stage where they were granted the wages for all of their efforts: a diploma.  The classes were easy […]

A Modest Proposal: Don’t Indoctrinate Your Kids

There is a great and intolerable evil lurking in homes across America.  It is a conspiracy of indoctrination occurring on such a large scale that the fact it has gone unnoticed until now is bewildering.  It is taught at home even beginning in the early months of a child’s life, reinforced throughout grade school, and […]