Quarantine Family Worship Resource, Vol. 2! (Download)

Brothers and Sisters, Volume II. Who would have imagined? Perhaps two or three weeks, but who would have dreamed this quarantine would last for two or three months…or longer? Churches have dealt with their inability to gather in various ways. There are many faithful ways to make the most of this sad time apart, andContinue reading “Quarantine Family Worship Resource, Vol. 2! (Download)”

Easter & Holy Week Scripture Memory Guide

This seven-day guide will help you celebrate Easter wherever you find yourself. Each day of Holy Week is paired with a verse from Romans 8. Over the course of the week, you will memorize one additional verse, totaling 7 verses. As you will see, each verse connects with events from the life of Jesus leadingContinue reading “Easter & Holy Week Scripture Memory Guide”

A Baptist Catechism for Kids

When I was growing up, there was this infomercial for a countertop appliance called the Showtime Rotisserie. I can remember the salesman showing the product’s many practical uses, and after putting a whole turkey or chicken or a salmon or a pineapple or whatever inside, he and the audience would repeat the catchphrase together: “Now…setContinue reading “A Baptist Catechism for Kids”

“Now, About Your Wives…”: A Sermon on 1 Peter 3:7

Faithful followers know that I never post sermons on this blog (Not that I’m discouraging you from listening, which you can do online here, or you can subscribe to the church podcast here). However, I delivered a sermon at the Immanuel Network Summit 2018 in Louisville, KY, and I discovered that what the Lord hadContinue reading ““Now, About Your Wives…”: A Sermon on 1 Peter 3:7″

Onward Christian Soldiers?

Men, there are two charred craters in the Old Testament that remain as a warning to us: Ai and Gibeah. Both cities fell by the same military tactics, and although the weapons of war have changed and technology has advanced, the same strategy is being employed in Christian homes day after day. Let us takeContinue reading “Onward Christian Soldiers?”

The Gospel of Thomas the Tank Engine

My boys pour over Thomas catalogues. They build train tracks every day in their playroom. My oldest learned to count like this: “Thomas #1, Edward #2, Henry #3…” The three boys have seen their fair share of Thomas the Tank Engine videos–which means my wife and I have also seen more than our fair share of ThomasContinue reading “The Gospel of Thomas the Tank Engine”