Pastoral Exhaustion Is a Good Thing

This morning, I write from the comfortable environs of the Maine coast. For the past ten years running, I’ve escaped the August heat to the hospitable cool breeze of South Bristol where my in-laws welcome our rowdy family for two weeks of slow-paced family time. I often tell people that it feels like we skid to […]

The Gospel of Thomas the Tank Engine

My boys pour over Thomas catalogues. They build train tracks every day in their playroom. My oldest learned to count like this: “Thomas #1, Edward #2, Henry #3…” The three boys have seen their fair share of Thomas the Tank Engine videos–which means my wife and I have also seen more than our fair share of Thomas […]

A How-NOT-To Guide on Redirection Parenting

There are thousands of parenting theories out there. Attachment parenting. Instinctive parenting. Helicopter parenting. Airplane parenting. Un-parenting. Koala bear parenting. Among these is a technique highly recommended as an essential tool in any parent’s repertoire: redirection parenting. Redirection parenting is when you find your child doing an “inappropriate” activity, and you redirect them into a more […]

Dads Need to Dad Up

Ladies, I don’t mean to rat your man out, but I’m being honest when I say you are expecting too little of him.  Here are some tell-tale signs: He acts like he doesn’t know how to feed the kids and put them to bed by himself so you can have just one night to spend with […]

God and Our Little Ones: A Theology of Infant Mortality

According to studies, nearly 50% of pregnancies end in miscarriage, and about 15% of recognized pregnancies end in miscarriage.  That means that if you are reading this article, chances are you either already have experienced or one day will experience the sorrow of losing a child.  You are not alone.  My wife and I suffered […]