On Grove City College and Fostering a Liberal Arts Culture

It’s a shame when I hear people speak with lackluster tone about their Alma maters.  It’s almost as though college was a place they merely tolerated.  They put their heads down and plowed through to that graduation stage where they were granted the wages for all of their efforts: a diploma.  The classes were easyContinue reading “On Grove City College and Fostering a Liberal Arts Culture”

So You Are Thinking about Seminary?

[Robbie Schmidtberger is the Church Planting Resident at Grace and Peace Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh, PA.] Not too long ago I was hired by my Alma Mater to be a part-time admissions counselor. And let me tell you what: it is a blast! Every conversation I have is kingdom-minded. I get to talk to congregations,Continue reading “So You Are Thinking about Seminary?”

A Modest Proposal: Don’t Indoctrinate Your Kids

There is a great and intolerable evil lurking in homes across America.  It is a conspiracy of indoctrination occurring on such a large scale that the fact it has gone unnoticed until now is bewildering.  It is taught at home even beginning in the early months of a child’s life, reinforced throughout grade school, andContinue reading “A Modest Proposal: Don’t Indoctrinate Your Kids”

Youch! Putting the Spurs to Students…

To be brief, I am wrestling with Dr. T. David Gordon’s heavy arguments in a small book entitled Why Johnny Can’t Sing Hymns.  As my mind to this point has spent much energy trying to justify my current views and to find exceptions to the author’s arguments, he made this statement about contemporary educational methods: NotContinue reading “Youch! Putting the Spurs to Students…”