Want Social Justice? Stop Avoiding Jury Duty.

I came back this past week from a fun but exhausting trip to Louisville where I preached four sermons. We got back late on a Monday night, which meant I was already a full day behind, and all of the weekly responsibilities hadn’t hit the pause button simply because I was out of town. UnlessContinue reading “Want Social Justice? Stop Avoiding Jury Duty.”

Guard Your Steps into 2019

Tomorrow we will enter the year 2019. 2019. It doesn’t matter how bad the previous year is, at New Year’s we all hope for better. It’s a time for confetti and champagne and resolutions and hope. It’s funny really. We’ve picked an arbitrary day from our calendar year and agreed to designate it as theContinue reading “Guard Your Steps into 2019”

Four Things You Could Do Instead of Burning Your Nike Gear

I’ve seen a few videos of people burning their gear this morning after the announcement from Nike that they are going to make a controversial athlete the face of their new ad campaign and make billions of dollars and garner thousands of free ads from…well, people posting videos of them burning their Nike gear. ButContinue reading “Four Things You Could Do Instead of Burning Your Nike Gear”

Why I’m Troubled by VP Pence’s Address to the SBC

I posted last night: Several friends and church members were curious why this late announcement from the leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention elicited such a strong response from me. I wanted to share a few thoughts. First of all, it has nothing to do with VP Mike Pence’s personal character or Christian faith. IContinue reading “Why I’m Troubled by VP Pence’s Address to the SBC”

New Articles at CT and TGC on Abuse, Church Relationships

New Piece at Christianity Today Today it was announced that Paige Patterson will be made President Emeritus at SWBTS. I believe there are thousands of SBC pastors who are not only grieved by what Patterson has done in his ministry and the lack of repentance, but also disagree fundamentally with his theology of abuse andContinue reading “New Articles at CT and TGC on Abuse, Church Relationships”

Edna Lewis and the Flourishing of African Americans

“I grew up in Freetown, Virginia, a community of farming people. It wasn’t really a town. The name was adopted because the first residents had all been freed from chattel slavery and they wanted to be known as a town of Free People.” From the opening paragraph of The Taste of Country Cooking, I wasContinue reading “Edna Lewis and the Flourishing of African Americans”