The One Thing Every Dating Couple Should Do

Articles circulate daily--hourly--giving dating advice to couples about what they should and shouldn't do. How far is too far physically? How do you respect one another as brother and sister in Christ? How do you plan good dates? And we all love those viral tear-jerking proposal videos. Let's be honest for a moment. Not every … Continue reading The One Thing Every Dating Couple Should Do

“Should Artists Protest?” (New at Canon & Culture)

This week, I had the privilege to write for my friends at Canon & Culture, the blogging arm of the ERLC. Here's an excerpt from the article: Policy aside for a moment, perhaps a more foundational question is whether artists and entertainers have any business influencing legislation in the first place. Many Christians would rather … Continue reading “Should Artists Protest?” (New at Canon & Culture)

Brothers, We Are Rejecting Personal Experiences

The Caitlyn Jenner maelstrom has taught us one thing in particular. Our culture has one thing right that many churches have wrong. The culture at large prizes personal testimony, while many of our churches do not. We live in an age where personal experience is king. Authenticity means being true to yourself--your feelings, experiences, and beliefs. … Continue reading Brothers, We Are Rejecting Personal Experiences


It's so predictable. It might be Fifty Shades of Grey; it might be a Christianity Today article seemingly condoning the legacy of Margaret Sanger; it might be a controversial book about homosexuality; it might be a salacious Christian news tidbit. The topic doesn't really matter. The response is the same. Definition. I will define #bandwagonblogging in the following manner: … Continue reading #BandwagonBlogging