Awaiting the Christ Child: An Advent Devotional (E-book)


This 25-day Advent devotional e-book follows the thread of anticipation through the stories of the Old Testament, culminating in a 5-day celebration of the Christmas story. Each devotional is only 3-5 minutes and great for use with all ages around the dinner table!

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In many ways it is quite fitting that Christmas is the most highly anticipated holiday on our annual calendar. For weeks we hang decorations, sing carols, listen to cheesy Christmas standards, share cookies, light trees, and enjoy a season that is like no other time of the year. It is, after all, the most wonderful time of the year.

The Christmas season is a time when kids can hardly contain their enthusiasm. School teachers will tell you that the week leading up to Christmas break is the most awful time of the year. Even adults can be sucked into the magic of Christmas that keeps you awake in bed all Christmas Eve. The twenty-five days of December are a stairway of anticipation, each step leaving us a little more excited.

I couldn’t imagine celebrating Christmas any other way.

Anticipation. The Christmas season is thick with it. In many ways, the month of December recreates the atmosphere of the Old Testament. After the tragic fall of Adam in the Garden, there is no word that better encapsulates the feelings of mankind than that same word: anticipation.

It’s all God’s fault. He made a promise as Adam and Eve exited the Garden that one day an Offspring of the woman would arise and crush the head of the Serpent. Anticipation grows with the turn of each page from Genesis to Malachi as mankind moves one step closer to the Christ Child—longing that he might finally come.

That’s what this devotional is meant to help you and your family capture: Old Testament inspired anticipation.  I want to help you feel the excitement.  This Christmas season, join the saints of the Old Testament. Experience their hopes, longings, and desires as you join them in awaiting the Christ Child.


Chad Ashby


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