New Posts on Texting and Timberlake’s “Man of the Woods”

I’ve done a terrible job keeping you up to date on the pieces I’m publishing elsewhere. So, here a couple to get you caught up.

One Question to Ask Before You Text

At Desiring God, I have a piece on a sad trend I see in our relationships: texting.

Deep down, many of us are cowering behind the safety of a glass screen. Texting helps us hide from so many things: the consequences of our mistakes, the disappointment of others, the uncomfortable feeling of personal conflicts. We can’t bear to imagine the pained expression that might look back at us. We want to avoid seeing the tears. We don’t want to have to hash everything out and further explain our sinful actions. We are afraid they might get angry or might not like what we have to say.

So we text…(READ MORE at Desiring God)

Justin Timberlake’s Crisis of Conviction

In this piece for Think Christian, I reflect on Timberlake’s latest release Man of the Woods and his Super Bowl halftime performance:

When we think “man of the woods,” we picture a Walden Pond philosopher who emerges from his hermitage to bestow wisdom upon the world. I think Timberlake just means he likes bonfires, “Flannel,” and the occasional night of camping. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Or maybe there is? Can a world awash in Twitter rage and media backlash really tolerate an artist’s indulgence in a few dance tracks, love songs, odes to mountain vacations, and his favorite tattered flannel—but no social consciousness whatsoever? Can we really celebrate a pop star who only wants to use his Super Bowl platform to dance to his greatest hits and take selfies with fans, but not to make a political statement? (READ MORE at Think Christian)

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