Readers, Thanks for 1 M Views!

1 Million Views.

I’ve always though this would be a fun milestone, but it came and went without much fanfare.

I simply want to express my gratitude to all of you who have read and shared and appreciated my writing over the past several years.

I know 1M views is small potatoes on most platforms. A 12 year-old can rack up a million views doing a TikTok or opening toys on YouTube (I will never understand this phenomenon).

However, you all came to AFTER+MATH to read. And not to read recipes or hot-takes or cute photos, but to read serious theological and cultural reflection (well, serious most of the time!).

The days of viral blogposts are mostly over. These days, all of my best stuff I give to platforms with much wider audiences like Christianity Today, Desiring God, TGC, and Think Christian.

Most of my daily traffic comes from people just searching for the truth on Google. I hope and pray you all are finding something helpful, useful, or encouraging. To those of you here to steal and plagiarize my book reviews for college credit–I will find you. 😉

The best currency you can give a writer (besides actual currency!) is a share. Whether in the form of a recommendation on social media, sharing content on a podcast you run, or sharing their articles and books with friends, church members, or text groups, writers know you appreciate their words when you are willing to send them along to others.

When I first started this blog, the tagline came from Colossians 1:29. Eight years later, it’s never been more relevant:

“For this I toil, struggling with all His energy that He powerfully works within me.”

May the Lord grant me the energy to continue to make use of the feeble tools God has given me to toil for his Kingdom. Thanks again for reading!

Grace and peace,


Published by Chad C. Ashby

Instructor of Literature, Math, and Theology at Greenville Classical Academy Greenville, SC