It’s not Your T-Shirt’s Job to Evangelize

Testamints. Paintings of Jesus carrying a man. Poems about footprints in the sand. T-shirts with Christian slogans. “Christian” films. Fish bumper stickers. These are a few of my least favorite things. As Christians, we love to surround ourselves with “Christian” paraphernalia. We will wear that t-shirt with the blood splattered cross on it. We willContinue reading “It’s not Your T-Shirt’s Job to Evangelize”

Sabbath-breakers: Meeting on the “First Day”

Why do we as Protestants, Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, and…well, almost everyone except Seven Day Adventists, excuse ourselves from observing the Sabbath on the seventh day of the week?  God is pretty clear in Exodus 20:9-10–“Six days you shall labor, and do all your work, but the seventh day is a Sabbath to the LORD your God.Continue reading “Sabbath-breakers: Meeting on the “First Day””

Encouragement to Those with Mundane Lives

These days, each of us have become our own paparazzi, snapping photos of our everyday lives and posting them all over the web for the public eye.  Some seek a sense of accomplishment, as though chronicling their life will assign it a measure of significance.  Others desire the approval and affirmation of others.  As weContinue reading “Encouragement to Those with Mundane Lives”

Seven Objections to Reading the Bible

This is part of a discussion I had with some college students in our community.  I would call the following article a piece of popologetics (apologetics for the populous).  This is not a heavy argument for the validity of Scripture.  These are seven common objections that students and non-Christians might have against giving the Bible aContinue reading “Seven Objections to Reading the Bible”

What About the Cross of the Christian?

Christianity without violence is no Christianity at all.  Salvation without death is no salvation at all.  We talk all about the Cross of Christ, but what about the Cross of the Christian?  We like to talk about regeneration, the new life, but have we forgotten that only after death can new life begin? As IContinue reading “What About the Cross of the Christian?”