Are Historicity and Poetry Mutually Exclusive?

Last week I was talking with some students about the events surrounding Jesus’ crucifixion, and it came up that their religion professor denied the historicity of the “curtain torn in two” account given in Matthew, Mark, and Luke, claiming it was mere poetic flourish.  The torn curtain was explained to be poetic license taken byContinue reading “Are Historicity and Poetry Mutually Exclusive?”

“A Well Remembered Well”

Happy St. Photina’s Day!  “Saint who?” you ask?  Perhaps you know her better by her Russian name…Happy St. Svetlana’s Day!  Still scratching your head?  March 20 is the festal day for Photina, the name traditionally attributed to the woman Jesus met by the well on a parched day in Samaria.  Let’s crack our Bibles openContinue reading ““A Well Remembered Well””

Wilderness Wandering: Ash Wednesday

Today many Christians across the world will celebrate Ash Wednesday.  As a Baptist, the liturgical calendar has never been my strong suit, and I have to admit that I was confused the first time I saw the ashen crosses–which was while I was in college!  However, throughout the years, I have come to respect thoseContinue reading “Wilderness Wandering: Ash Wednesday”

The Gospel According to…Me, and You Probably

(photo credit) I was reading a small book by Jonathan Edwards in which he is trying to help other Christians of his day understand the Great Awakening and the revival that was taking place around him.  As he described the shouts, cries for mercy, and general disorderly conduct, it sounded like no service I hadContinue reading “The Gospel According to…Me, and You Probably”