BREAD (a poem)

Elements ancient fill the bowl Water, soil, wind, and fire Mix, clod, knead, and fold Left to rest till rising higher Water, grain, salt, and leaven Punched, deflated, fashioned mire Buried, burned in scorching oven Emerging, cracking, browned and blistered Broken, shared, crumb of heaven (photo credit)

The Common Christ: An Original Poem

My wife has been reading The Hidden Art of Homemaking by Edith Schaeffer, and in the book she encourages creativity in the home.  Whether, drama, art, music, or writing, she explains the importance of putting our God-imaging creative powers to work for His Glory. Schaeffer encourages sketching on To-Do Lists, embellishing papers with filigree, havingContinue reading “The Common Christ: An Original Poem”

Are Historicity and Poetry Mutually Exclusive?

Last week I was talking with some students about the events surrounding Jesus’ crucifixion, and it came up that their religion professor denied the historicity of the “curtain torn in two” account given in Matthew, Mark, and Luke, claiming it was mere poetic flourish.  The torn curtain was explained to be poetic license taken byContinue reading “Are Historicity and Poetry Mutually Exclusive?”

The Bible: What Is Lost in Translation, Too?

Being a pastor in the South means that I have come into contact with the KJV-only crowd, and thoughts about translation method frequently bounce about in the potluck-addled brain of mine.  This is a continuation of a discussion begun in the post where I compared translation to baking. My friend Patrick Schreiner posted a table thatContinue reading “The Bible: What Is Lost in Translation, Too?”