Consider God.

Consider that God is the Lord of the universe.

Consider that as Lord He owes no one anything–certainly not us.

Consider moreover that we were enemies of God.

Consider that hostility toward God festered in our minds daily.

Consider that every day we actually invented new ways to disobey Him, in effect giving the middle finger to the eternally righteous Judge.

Consider that as lawbreakers God owed us less than nothing. In fact, He owed us wrath.

Consider that for God to choose to give us anything less than eternal wrath would be infinitely merciful compared to what we deserve.

Consider that if God were to send us salvation, it would be our duty as his creatures to receive it with eternal gratitude.

Consider that He was under no obligation to persuade us concerning salvation through Jesus Christ.

Consider that it was below Him to have to prove the identity of His Son. His divine decree would be reason enough for all mankind to accept Jesus Christ on blind faith.

And yet…

Consider how God spent thousands of years promising and re-promising to mortal men that he would send a Savior–even when they did not ask for it.

Consider how for hundreds of pages in the Law and the Prophets, God obligated himself to a certain people to save them in a certain way.

Consider how despite mankind’s best efforts to derail God’s plan, God not only steered all of history but particularly intervened repeatedly to demonstrate his concerted interest in the salvation of men.

Consider that this salvation entailed a particular humiliation on the part of the Son of God: to be born in human likeness.

Consider that the Lord Jesus condescended to giving numerous proofs of his identity to his disciples and to the people–both in word and deed.

Consider that the Father audibly bore witness to Jesus’s identity at his baptism and transfiguration.

Consider that the Spirit vindicated Jesus’s identity by raising him from the dead.

Consider that Jesus further proved his resurrection by appearing to men and women, even allowing them to touch the marks of his crucifixion.

Consider that God has filled the Gospels with historical evidence and eyewitness testimonies that salvation has come in the person of Jesus Christ.

Consider that God has made the gospel logically consistent, completely congruent with His nature and the display of his glorious righteousness.

Consider that he appointed apostles to spread the good news of salvation to the ends of the earth.

Consider that God made Christ’s sacrifice for our sins persuasively beautiful, touching us at the deepest emotional level.

Consider that he accompanies the message of the gospel by the power of his Spirit to grant saving faith to all those who believe.

Consider that he has constituted the Church through which He is protecting the faith of those who believe until the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

And consider this:

None of this was required of God. He has done it all freely and willingly out of love.

Consider, and let us give Him glory.


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Published by Chad C. Ashby

Instructor of Literature, Math, and Theology at Greenville Classical Academy Greenville, SC