The Bible: What Is Lost in Translation, Too?

Being a pastor in the South means that I have come into contact with the KJV-only crowd, and thoughts about translation method frequently bounce about in the potluck-addled brain of mine.  This is a continuation of a discussion begun in the post where I compared translation to baking. My friend Patrick Schreiner posted a table thatContinue reading “The Bible: What Is Lost in Translation, Too?”

The. Death. of. Nuance. in. the. English. Language.

Nuance. is. like. the. deadest. ever. Question: Are we in the business of communicating in sentences anymore, or is everyone just practicing for a pointillism art project? I believe our culture is witnessing the death of nuance.  Nothing is worth saying unless it is “the best ever”.  We end our stories with the punctuation, “ItContinue reading “The. Death. of. Nuance. in. the. English. Language.”