The Bible: What Is Lost in Translation?

(photo credit) So I haven’t become a mom-blogger, posting photos of my latest kitchen creation, but my wife and I have been enjoying old episodes of Good Eats online in the evenings.  As I worked on my sermon from Isaiah 55:6-11 this afternoon, I was thinking about the panache of translating the Bible, and how it is aContinue reading “The Bible: What Is Lost in Translation?”

Take Your Bible to the Movies

(photo credit) Suspension of disbelief.  It’s something we do every time we step into the movie theater–or else we don’t really enjoy the film.  The film Hugo from two years ago celebrated the fascinating way in which movies transport us to another place.  The only way this can happen is by setting aside our notions ofContinue reading “Take Your Bible to the Movies”

How God Made Peace by Way of War

(photo credit) As I was preparing to preach on Matthew 5:9, “Blessed are the peacemakers, because they shall be called the sons of God,” I was struck by the fact that Jesus blesses peacemakers, not peacekeepers.  Peacemaking is on the offensive, while peacekeeping is on the defensive.  I then realized that God is a GodContinue reading “How God Made Peace by Way of War”