‘Work’ by Daniel Doriani (A Free Discipleship Resource!)

“The Church’s approach to an intelligent carpenter is usually confined to exhorting him not to be drunk and disorderly in his leisure hours, and to come to church on Sundays. What the Church should be telling him is this: that the very first demand that his religion makes upon him is that he should makeContinue reading “‘Work’ by Daniel Doriani (A Free Discipleship Resource!)”

Stop Studying Your Bible All the Time…

(photo credit) “Oh how I love your law!  It is my meditation all the day…how sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!” -Psalm 119:97,103 Take a second and think.  In the past week, has there been a time when you can identify with these words?  If not, chances areContinue reading “Stop Studying Your Bible All the Time…”