I’m Southern Baptist, and I Love a Man

The Truth. It feels good to finally make it public–I love a man.  I’m a Southern Baptist pastor, and it’s true.  Allow me to tell you about this relationship. I met this man in college.  Over the course of three years, we became the closest of friends.  We spent late nights together filled with conversation–bothContinue reading “I’m Southern Baptist, and I Love a Man”

Why Switchfoot Sings Christians’ Songs

Can the word Christian be an adjective?  We certainly have found plenty of things to slap it onto: Christian fiction, Christian movies, Christian music, Christian bookstores, Christian T-Shirts, Christian Dior, Christian Bale…okay, those last two don’t count.  The point is, the word Christian is an adjective these days.  Are we Christians okay with that? Switchfoot’s Viral QuoteContinue reading “Why Switchfoot Sings Christians’ Songs”

“Signs and Symbols”|Beautiful Eulogy

Beautiful Eulogy just put out their latest offering Instruments of Mercy (download it at Noisetrade here).  In the middle of the album, the song “Signs and Symbols” is a great reminder that we are to look to the Bible first and foremost for guidance in life.  The song features Propaganda, one of my favorite hip-hopContinue reading ““Signs and Symbols”|Beautiful Eulogy”

How Birth Control Kicked Open the Porn Door

Yesterday I read a pertinent article by Dr. Russell Moore (check it out here).  In it he addresses the emptiness of pornography, it’s destructive grasp, and the way in which our culture has degraded the image of God to mere pixels intended for sexual arousal.  In one portion of his article, he explains, “sex isContinue reading “How Birth Control Kicked Open the Porn Door”

Alcohol and the Christian: A Review of the Lecture Series given at BJU

“Moderate alcohol consumption is the Satanically arranged pathway to alcohol abuse.”  “Never drink, never drunk.”  “No other sin alters the brain like alcohol.  Drinking is in a separate class of sin.” The above statements were spoken during four lectures given March 4-7 at Bob Jones University on the issue of Christians and Alcohol.  A friendContinue reading “Alcohol and the Christian: A Review of the Lecture Series given at BJU”