Articles at 9Marks, Southern Equip, and Think Christian!

It’s been a busy week! I’ve got posts up at three different platforms online: 9 Marks, Southern Equip, and Think Christian. Whether a church member, a pastor, or a music aficionado, you’ll find something for you. Below you’ll find links to articles on rediscovering the “service” in our worship service, the therapeutic nature of expository […]

Check Out My Chapter in the New ‘Pop Culture Primer’!

I’m excited to announce a project that’s been in the works for several months. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Josh Larsen, editor of Think Christian, on a chapter for their brand new, free e-book Pop Culture Primer.  Josh has drawn together writers to analyze pop culture artifacts from five different categories: music, video games, graphic […]

New Articles at CAPC and FTC!

For The Church, the blogging arm of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, picked up an article of mine on the relief expository preaching has been for me in my ministry. I’ve also had the privilege in the past couple of weeks to work with the great folks at Christ and Pop Culture on a piece about […]

“Joy to the World” Guitar Tabs (Sufjan Stevens)

If you own Songs for Christmas by Sufjan Stevens, then you know that when you bought the album, you got a whole lot more than just music. You received a box full of Christmas cheer, complete with a comic book, stickers, and a bizarre festive fold-out poster of Sufjan sitting in with someone else’s family. […]