Articles at 9Marks, Southern Equip, and Think Christian!

It’s been a busy week! I’ve got posts up at three different platforms online: 9 Marks, Southern Equip, and Think Christian. Whether a church member, a pastor, or a music aficionado, you’ll find something for you. Below you’ll find links to articles on rediscovering the “service” in our worship service, the therapeutic nature of expositoryContinue reading “Articles at 9Marks, Southern Equip, and Think Christian!”

Check Out My Chapter in the New ‘Pop Culture Primer’!

I’m excited to announce a project that’s been in the works for several months. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Josh Larsen, editor of Think Christian, on a chapter for their brand new, free e-book Pop Culture Primer.  Josh has drawn together writers to analyze pop culture artifacts from five different categories: music, video games, graphicContinue reading “Check Out My Chapter in the New ‘Pop Culture Primer’!”

New Post at Think Christian: “4:44–Hearing Jay-Z’s Confession”

I’ve done a pretty bad job of keeping you all up to speed on the stuff I’ve been writing on other platforms. So, I wanted to let you know you can check out my latest at Think Christian, a platform I’ve started working with. Today’s piece looks at Jay-Z’s latest album 4:44. You can read it here:Continue reading “New Post at Think Christian: “4:44–Hearing Jay-Z’s Confession””

“O Christ, Our Hope, Our Heart’s Desire” Guitar Chords (Video)

This 8th century Latin hymn is fantastic. It’s contemplative, simple, and filled with Gospel theology and truth. The four simple verses move through the story of the Gospel. Through and through, it is an adoration of Jesus Christ. It begins at creation, moves to the cross, then the resurrection and enthronement, and finally eternal hopeContinue reading ““O Christ, Our Hope, Our Heart’s Desire” Guitar Chords (Video)”

“Joy to the World” Guitar Tabs (Sufjan Stevens)

If you own Songs for Christmas by Sufjan Stevens, then you know that when you bought the album, you got a whole lot more than just music. You received a box full of Christmas cheer, complete with a comic book, stickers, and a bizarre festive fold-out poster of Sufjan sitting in with someone else’s family.Continue reading ““Joy to the World” Guitar Tabs (Sufjan Stevens)”