“O Christ, Our Hope, Our Heart’s Desire” Guitar Chords (Video)

This 8th century Latin hymn is fantastic. It’s contemplative, simple, and filled with Gospel theology and truth. The four simple verses move through the story of the Gospel. Through and through, it is an adoration of Jesus Christ. It begins at creation, moves to the cross, then the resurrection and enthronement, and finally eternal hopeContinue reading ““O Christ, Our Hope, Our Heart’s Desire” Guitar Chords (Video)”

“Joy to the World” Guitar Tabs (Sufjan Stevens)

If you own Songs for Christmas by Sufjan Stevens, then you know that when you bought the album, you got a whole lot more than just music. You received a box full of Christmas cheer, complete with a comic book, stickers, and a bizarre festive fold-out poster of Sufjan sitting in with someone else’s family.Continue reading ““Joy to the World” Guitar Tabs (Sufjan Stevens)”

“Praise the Lord Who Reigns Above” Guitar Chords [Video]

This is an old Charles Wesley hymn I’ve grown to love as a part of our worship at College Street, and I want to recommend it if you aren’t currently using it. It’s a great hymn to kick off a worship service, and I love the way it summons every instrument, creature, and voice inContinue reading ““Praise the Lord Who Reigns Above” Guitar Chords [Video]”

Chesterton: “Tradition is the Democracy of the Dead”

Mention the word “tradition” in a group of two or more Christians, and you are likely to hear as many different perspectives as there are people present.  Backlash against a high view of Church tradition can be seen in many (but not all) denominations flowing out of the Protestant Reformation ranging from disdain and distrustContinue reading “Chesterton: “Tradition is the Democracy of the Dead””

Jesus Saves, But He Had Help: Trinitarian Hymns

The slogan “Jesus Saves” is completely true–but it is incomplete.  Jesus’ death on the cross was the atonement for our sins, and we should never cease to praise Him for his willingness to become the sacrifice in our behalf.  However, salvation is not a one-man job.  Jesus has two partners in crime: God the FatherContinue reading “Jesus Saves, But He Had Help: Trinitarian Hymns”

“Breathe In, Breathe Out”: Lecrae on The Word

If you were to search the song title “Breathe In, Breathe Out” on Rapgenius, you would find two very different entries.  The first was put out by Kanye West on College Dropout (2004), and it’s rhymes are concerned with…well, let the man speak for himself: “now I’m rappin bout money, h*#s, and rims again.” However,Continue reading ““Breathe In, Breathe Out”: Lecrae on The Word”

Breaking News: 1,000 Year-Old Songs Found in Hymnal

Think for a moment.  On average, how many Christians have sung the songs you typically sing in a Church gathering?  Hundreds? Thousands?  Hundreds of Thousands? What if I told you that there are songs you could sing that have been enjoyed and used to praise our God for more than a millennium?  You heard me:Continue reading “Breaking News: 1,000 Year-Old Songs Found in Hymnal”