“Breathe In, Breathe Out”: Lecrae on The Word

If you were to search the song title “Breathe In, Breathe Out” on Rapgenius, you would find two very different entries.  The first was put out by Kanye West on College Dropout (2004), and it’s rhymes are concerned with…well, let the man speak for himself: “now I’m rappin bout money, h*#s, and rims again.” However,Continue reading ““Breathe In, Breathe Out”: Lecrae on The Word”

The Gospel of John According to Hip-Hop

The constructs, motifs, and tropes available in hip-hop provide an unique tableau for creating poetic art.  I applaud hip-hop artists like Propaganda, Shai Linne, and Trip Lee for doing a great job to redeem hip-hop for the Kingdom of Jesus.  I want to put a hermeneutical bug in your ear.  I am going to positContinue reading “The Gospel of John According to Hip-Hop”