Rap Redemption: How Not to “Redeem” a Genre

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past week or perhaps were in a turkey-induced coma since last Thursday, I am sure you have watched the NCFIC panel about “Reformed” Rap: Worship of God Q&A: Holy Hip-Hop And you have read these responses: “Did a NCFIC Panel Really Say That Reformed RappersContinue reading “Rap Redemption: How Not to “Redeem” a Genre”

The Gospel of John According to Hip-Hop

The constructs, motifs, and tropes available in hip-hop provide an unique tableau for creating poetic art.  I applaud hip-hop artists like Propaganda, Shai Linne, and Trip Lee for doing a great job to redeem hip-hop for the Kingdom of Jesus.  I want to put a hermeneutical bug in your ear.  I am going to positContinue reading “The Gospel of John According to Hip-Hop”