New Post on Socialism at Christ and Pop Culture

My latest piece is out today at Christ and Pop Culture. It’s a deep worldview analysis of socialism. Here’s a snippet: Christianity’s primary critique of socialism is not that it strives for too much, but that it settles for too little. Socialism sees that humanity needs to walk in peace with humanity. It fails to […]

Analyzing Sartwell’s Irrational (Existential) Atheism

I ran into Crispin Sartwell’s essay “Irrational Atheism” from The Atlantic in a few different places over the past few days, and I must admit that I found his honesty refreshing.  Rather than engage in apologetics or debate, I think a few comments about his underlying assumptions would help us to understand exactly what Sartwell […]

Chesterton: “Tradition is the Democracy of the Dead”

Mention the word “tradition” in a group of two or more Christians, and you are likely to hear as many different perspectives as there are people present.  Backlash against a high view of Church tradition can be seen in many (but not all) denominations flowing out of the Protestant Reformation ranging from disdain and distrust […]

Our Swerving Universe: Chesterton on Paradoxes

I’ve been reading G.K. Chesterton’s book Orthodoxy recently.  Reading Chesterton is a bit like climbing into the backseat of a wild taxi driver–you may have no idea where he is taking you but you’re enjoying the ride.  He’s got a way of expression that is poignant and fresh, and he uses illustrations instead of logical arguments in […]

Tyson’s Cosmos: “We Are Made of Star-stuff”

Sunday night the self-proclaimed “bravest networks” Fox and Nat Geo premiered Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey hosted by Neil Degrasse Tyson.  The show is a reboot of astro-physicist Carl Sagan’s television series Cosmos: A Personal Voyage.  Throughout Sunday night’s program, Sagan played scientific forebear, mentor, and muse to Tyson’s impassioned narration.  In the final minutes of Sunday’s episode he […]