Noah: The Story You Missed

I think we have a dozen different children’s books telling the story of Noah’s Ark sitting in my sons’ bookshelves.  The story of Noah is such a familiar tale, and it is usually treated in this way: a self-contained narrative, plucked out of its home in Genesis and plunked into a children’s book.  It hasContinue reading “Noah: The Story You Missed”

Tyson’s Cosmos: “We Are Made of Star-stuff”

Sunday night the self-proclaimed “bravest networks” Fox and Nat Geo premiered Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey hosted by Neil Degrasse Tyson.  The show is a reboot of astro-physicist Carl Sagan’s television series Cosmos: A Personal Voyage.  Throughout Sunday night’s program, Sagan played scientific forebear, mentor, and muse to Tyson’s impassioned narration.  In the final minutes of Sunday’s episode heContinue reading “Tyson’s Cosmos: “We Are Made of Star-stuff””

Genesis Unbound: A Perspective on Creation

(The author, Zach Kennedy, is an associate pastor at Central Baptist Church in Springhill, LA.  He is a new contributor to After Math.) Writing is hard work. It takes time, effort, concentration, and inspiration. After using these precious resources to take care of my family, work, and other projects, I would rather spend my freeContinue reading “Genesis Unbound: A Perspective on Creation”

A Poetic Response to the Science vs. Faith Debate

Often, artistic expression has a way of driving to the point better than logical and deductive reasoning can.  After we have become tired with all the arguments, discussions, and reasoning, a poem has the ability to blow open the truth of the matter.  Some of us are still hanging out in the foamy eddies, bobbingContinue reading “A Poetic Response to the Science vs. Faith Debate”

All We’ve Left Unsaid: Bill Nye and Ken Ham

Last night I tuned in with over a half million other viewers to watch the “Scopes Trial” of our generation–okay, that’s a huge overstatement.  However, it was a nostalgic experience for me.  On the one side, I was watching “The Science Guy”, a man I loved to watch on T.V. as a kid.  On theContinue reading “All We’ve Left Unsaid: Bill Nye and Ken Ham”

He Knew, And Yet He Created

Genesis 1:1.  The cleanest verse in the Bible.  As the story of mankind begins, the reader meets the Maker of all things: “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”  It’s so simple, yet it is so profound.  It answers so many questions about the universe, yet poses so many more.  As aContinue reading “He Knew, And Yet He Created”