“Should Artists Protest?” (New at Canon & Culture)

This week, I had the privilege to write for my friends at Canon & Culture, the blogging arm of the ERLC. Here’s an excerpt from the article: Policy aside for a moment, perhaps a more foundational question is whether artists and entertainers have any business influencing legislation in the first place. Many Christians would ratherContinue reading ““Should Artists Protest?” (New at Canon & Culture)”

Don’t Jesus Movies Break the 2nd Commandment?

{Robbie Schmidtberger is the Church Planting Resident at Grace and Peace Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh, PA.} Tense is a good word to describe the American church’s relationship with the artistic community.  On the one hand, Christians heralded movies like Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, Christopher Spencer’s Son of God, and Mark Burnett’s The BibleContinue reading “Don’t Jesus Movies Break the 2nd Commandment?”

Does a Christian Artist Have to Make “Christian” Art?

Do Christians have to paint pictures of crosses, shepherds, and slain lambs?  Is a band selling out when it chooses to write less “Christian” lyrics on their newest album?  Does every movie produced by Christians have to have an evangelistic/apologetic bent? Alex Medina writes at The Gospel Coalition, “Out of our zeal we have only givenContinue reading “Does a Christian Artist Have to Make “Christian” Art?”

A Poetic Response to the Science vs. Faith Debate

Often, artistic expression has a way of driving to the point better than logical and deductive reasoning can.  After we have become tired with all the arguments, discussions, and reasoning, a poem has the ability to blow open the truth of the matter.  Some of us are still hanging out in the foamy eddies, bobbingContinue reading “A Poetic Response to the Science vs. Faith Debate”