George Liele: The Church As Global Witness

(This is the first installment of Missionary Heroes, releasing later this year) In 1775, a young ordained Black preacher crossed the Georgia border into Aiken County, SC, proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ. On a plantation called Silver Bluff, a small group of slaves gathered regularly to hear the Word preached. It was the firstContinue reading “George Liele: The Church As Global Witness”

Are You Sure You’re Called to Church Planting?

How do you know for sure that you are supposed to be a church planter? I’m pretty sure most of us have never woken from deep sleep to find “Thou Shalt Planteth Mine Church” scrawled by the finger of God in the ceiling above. Generally, I would guess the Holy Spirit has stirred a desireContinue reading “Are You Sure You’re Called to Church Planting?”

Church Planters, Be Advised: A Letter from the Year 2063

I am a pastor of a church that was planted 50 years ago.  Many church plants that survive will eventually get to the place where my church is fifty years down the road.  It’s a delicate place.  It’s a place where a pastor is helping the people begin to look for a fresh work ofContinue reading “Church Planters, Be Advised: A Letter from the Year 2063”