Church, It’s Not Okay to Act Like Old Testament Israel

The congregational meeting started off well enough. Prayer was said. A few announcements. However, as the evening wore on it was clear that there was unrest among the people. At a particular moment, as if choreographed beforehand, a well-known belligerent stood waving a petition of the names of others who were also displeased with theContinue reading “Church, It’s Not Okay to Act Like Old Testament Israel”

Throwing Andy Stanley a Bone: ‘What Does Jesus Teach?’

😬 — The Chocolate Knox (@Chocolate_Knox) June 9, 2018 “What does the Bible say about that…this is a really bad question we have to quit asking…Let me tell you a better question: What does the New Covenant teach? Or let’s be more specific, What does the New Testament teach? Or even better, What doesContinue reading “Throwing Andy Stanley a Bone: ‘What Does Jesus Teach?’”

The Two Ways to Read the Old Testament

The same story can be a tragedy or triumph depending on who you are rooting for. I grew up in North Carolina in the heated NCAA basketball rivalry Duke v. UNC. Twice every winter, the two schools would meet on the court. Every game ended in cheers or tears. I won’t name names, but IContinue reading “The Two Ways to Read the Old Testament”