Do You Know How Arius Died?

I’ve been preaching a Christmas sermon series based on Athanasius’s seminal work On the Incarnation, and this morning’s opening illustration was too good to pass up. For context, I’m preaching on Matthew 2:1-12 (the story of the wise men), but I’ve been in the habit of setting up the sermon with some fun tidbits fromContinue reading “Do You Know How Arius Died?”

The Black Dwarf, MMA, and The Cross

I know it may be difficult to believe, but there are actually books written before 2005 that are worth reading.  In fact, there are a multitude of Christian books written more than 100 years ago that are of more value than nearly everthing you could find in Lifeway or on that hip Christian online bookstoreContinue reading “The Black Dwarf, MMA, and The Cross”