Romans 12 (Memory Aid)

Another one. These tracks may not be helping any of you, but I’m having fun. I’ve been on a journey memorizing Romans and putting the verses to various tracks to help me remember them. This time it’s Romans 12 to Big Sean’s “Blessings”. As always, not a single word from the ESV translation has beenContinue reading “Romans 12 (Memory Aid)”

Romans 11 (Memory Aid)

Lightning has struck in the same place twice…this time to the bump of the International Players Anthem. I’ve been memorizing Romans with a friend, and I’ve found bending the lines to various tracks makes them stick in my memory. When it comes to memorizing Scripture, I find the more outlandish the memory aid the better!Continue reading “Romans 11 (Memory Aid)”

1.10 — How to Memorize Scripture 101

Maybe you’ve thought about trying to get into Scripture memorization. Maybe you tried to start this year but got stuck. Maybe you need some motivation. Here is everything you need, the why and the how of Scripture memorization. I give some tips, tricks, and advice while also pointing out a few pitfalls to avoid! I’ve beenContinue reading “1.10 — How to Memorize Scripture 101”

Romans 9: An Unconventional Memory Aid

I’m going to do a podcast soon on Scripture memorization. But until then, I was trying to find a good time to drop this…now is as good as any. I was going to try to explain this, but really, you just need to hear it. One thing, I have not reordered, altered, or changed aContinue reading “Romans 9: An Unconventional Memory Aid”