Satisfied in Giving Thanks

Feeding our Greatest Hunger with Spirit-filled Obedience This week, I've been meditating on Paul's seemingly straightforward and simple command to the Colossians: "And be thankful" (3:15). The word and reminded us of our privilege to offer thanksgiving as a continual refrain to what God has done for us in Christ. Be showed us the impossibility of thankfulness … Continue reading Satisfied in Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving: The One Thing We Add to the Gospel

Every year as the holidays approach, I take a break from whatever book I’m preaching through and turn to something completely different. For instance, last year I preached a series entitled “A Very Reformed Christmas”, preaching a text from the Christmas narrative each week of Advent and pairing it with one of the five solas … Continue reading Thanksgiving: The One Thing We Add to the Gospel

Looking Back: A Thanksgiving Reflection

As we all wake up with eater's guilt--or have already been awake for many hours and are just returning home with shopper's guilt--Thanksgiving slowly drifts into the memory bank of holidays-of-years-past.  However, before we let this Thanksgiving go to usher in the Christmas season, let us take a moment to reflect. Last night, our family … Continue reading Looking Back: A Thanksgiving Reflection