Andrew Fuller on The Broad and Narrow Way

Andrew FullerHere are some apt words from the “Elephant of Kettering”; concerning Matthew 7:13-14, he writes–

Our Lord now proceeds to set before his hearers life and death, exhorting them to choose life.  From the whole of what he had advanced, it must appear that the way of the world was broad, and that his own was narrow, or difficult; but though the one might be agreeable to the flesh, and the other disagreeable, his counsel is, “Enter ye in at the strait gate.”  It is as if he had said, “If you walk in the way which I have been warning you against, the entrance will be easy, and you will meet with but few obstructions in your progress.  Every thing will accord with your corrupt propensities.  The transition from sin to sin, and from occasional to habitual indulgences, will be quite easy.  You will have full scope for inclination, and free choice of the vices best suited to your birth, rank, or turn of mind.  Temptations, like wind and tide, will help you on!  You will be in no want of company; for old and young, rich and poor, learned and illiterate, walk there; but remember ‘it leadeth to destruction!’  If, on the other hand, you walk in the way which I have marked out, great difficulties may present themselves at your entrance, hard struggles will attend your progress, and you may expect but few to keep your company; but it ‘leadeth unto life!’  Whosoever, therefore, chooses the broad way, ‘enter ye in at the strait gate!'”

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