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Smalltown+Poets+ChristmasHere’s a short music update to interrupt your regularly schedule Christmas decorating: Smalltown Poets has a Christmas album.  The band who first appeared in 1997 with a self-titled debut didn’t put anything out since “Listen Closely” in 2006; however, this Christmas album has everything:

  • Nostalgia from a 90s band I used to love  √
  • That pop-jangly sound we all came to love about late 90s feel-good rock √
  • A lead singer with a distinctive yet pleasant voice √
  • Many classic Christmas carols with a few very thoughtful original numbers √
  • Good use of cello and banjo √
  • Unpretentiousness and a lack of too much “trying to make it there own”  √
  • A modern feel that would lend a great background sound to a Christmas party while still remaining recognizable to party guests √

Honestly, I used to love Smalltown Poets back in middle school and high school, so I have an understandable bias, but you should really give this album a chance!  Put it on rotation while you trim the tree, decorate Christmas cookies, and drink hot cocoa.

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