Matthew & Luke: A Tale of Two Christmases

In most nativity sets, we blend the various Christmas stories together in one big, happy créche–shepherds, angels, wise men, Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, manger, and the rest. And rightly so. Each character adds a different flavor to the rich celebration of the coming of the Christ Child. Even the extras that crowd the scene likeContinue reading “Matthew & Luke: A Tale of Two Christmases”

1.8 — Christmas: Reformers, Unicorns, Grinches, and More!

Gifts, presents, and Christmas resources for all! In this episode, I share lots of fun seasonal articles, sermons, and resources for you to further explore! Read more about the Magi: “Seeing Ourselves in the Story of the Magi” at “Wise Men, Magi, or Kings? It’s Complicated.” at Christianity Today “We _______ Kings: How ManyContinue reading “1.8 — Christmas: Reformers, Unicorns, Grinches, and More!”

1.7 — Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about the Wise Men

I’ve packed this episode with so much content you’ll never ask another question about the Magi. What should we call them? Magi? Wise men? Kings? And how many were there? 3? 10? Should we tear “We Three Kings” from the holiday section of our hymnals? Read more in my Christianity Today article Magi, Wise Men,Continue reading “1.7 — Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about the Wise Men”

Call for Sponsors! Racing to 1000 for LIFEBRIDGE!

I’m making progress on my last 100 miles. I ran in 35 degree weather and consistent rain for my sponsors this weekend! Will you consider joining our growing number of sponsors?  All funds are going toward our local relationships and pregnancy care center: At LIFEBRIDGE, we provide essential mentoring, training, assistance, and care to storm-tossedContinue reading “Call for Sponsors! Racing to 1000 for LIFEBRIDGE!”

The Unexpected Joy of the Christmas

One of the first Christmas carols ever sung wasn’t written at Christmas at all–but six months earlier. And it wasn’t sung at the birth of Jesus, either. It was sung at the birth of his cousin John. When it comes to recounting the Christmas story, I suspect most of us begin in Luke chapter 2:Continue reading “The Unexpected Joy of the Christmas”

Smalltown Poets | Christmas

Here’s a short music update to interrupt your regularly schedule Christmas decorating: Smalltown Poets has a Christmas album.  The band who first appeared in 1997 with a self-titled debut didn’t put anything out since “Listen Closely” in 2006; however, this Christmas album has everything: Nostalgia from a 90s band I used to love  √ ThatContinue reading “Smalltown Poets | Christmas”