Cecily Had a Clown Abortion

Colin Jost: “It seems like you really do want to talk about your abortion.”  Cecily Strong: “Well, actually I really don’t, but people keep bringing it up, so I gotta keep talkin’ about freakin’ abortion!” This weekend, SNL’s Weekend Update segment featured guest clown Goober (Cecily Strong) and an uncomfortable mix of gags and thinly-veiledContinue reading “Cecily Had a Clown Abortion”

Call for Sponsors! Racing to 1000 for LIFEBRIDGE!

I’m making progress on my last 100 miles. I ran in 35 degree weather and consistent rain for my sponsors this weekend! Will you consider joining our growing number of sponsors?  All funds are going toward our local relationships and pregnancy care center: At LIFEBRIDGE, we provide essential mentoring, training, assistance, and care to storm-tossedContinue reading “Call for Sponsors! Racing to 1000 for LIFEBRIDGE!”

Free Speech or Not, PRCs Won’t Refer to Abortion Clinics

This week the Supreme Court will hear opening arguments in a suit from Alpha Pregnancy Center, who along with about 200 other centers are moving for action against the state law requiring them to provide information to clients about free or low cost abortion options in their communities. The pro-life centers argue that the state’sContinue reading “Free Speech or Not, PRCs Won’t Refer to Abortion Clinics”

Brothers and Sisters, Unwed Pregnancy Is Not a Sin

If you’ve experienced an unwed pregnancy in your church, your family, or your circle of acquaintances—who hasn’t?—you know the typical reaction. It’s a mixture of disappointment, condemnation, and pity. But there are places across the country where this is not the response to the girl who shamefully mumbles, “I think I’m pregnant.” They are called pregnancy resource centers (PRCs).