The Unexpected Joy of the Christmas

One of the first Christmas carols ever sung wasn’t written at Christmas at all–but six months earlier. And it wasn’t sung at the birth of Jesus, either. It was sung at the birth of his cousin John. When it comes to recounting the Christmas story, I suspect most of us begin in Luke chapter 2:Continue reading “The Unexpected Joy of the Christmas”

New Post at Desiring God

Have you ever noticed that you have a tendency to share with others about problems, trials, and tragedies, but you are less inclined to share the joys in your life? Why is that? I explore one purpose behind your personal joy in “Your Joy Soothes Another’s Grief” at Desiring God this week: “…What pastors experience acutelyContinue reading “New Post at Desiring God”

Joyful Cog at Desiring God

This week, my latest article “A Joyful Cog in His Giant Plan” came out at Desiring God. Here’s the intro: We are our own paparazzi. We’re constantly snapping pictures — posting what we made for lunch and chronicling our lives one selfie at a time. In a world where everyone else’s life is “the best ever!”Continue reading “Joyful Cog at Desiring God”