Free Coronavirus Quarantine Family Worship Resource!

Brothers and Sisters,

Perhaps you find yourself quarantined at home, rather than worshipping with your local church. This resource is meant to equip you over the next four weeks to lead worship in your home on Sunday morning whether with your spouse, your family, or your roommates. You could call a friend, fellow church member, or a widow and worship together via speakerphone or Facetime—or simply do it alone as personal devotional. Don’t think because you don’t have a biological family, you cannot do family worship!

These are intentionally short liturgies, lacking in the traditional elements you might find in your own church’s order of worship. However, my hope is that you will realize family worship is more intuitive than you could ever imagine. Pick up the Bible and read a passage. Ask good questions of the text and of those gathered. Pray over the truths you have read. Sing a hymn or worship song everyone has memorized. Take prayer requests, and pray over them.

These can all be done with zero preparation. Feel free to expand, add your own elements, and tailor them to fit your family’s or household’s needs. Just make sure to keep your expectations low—especially if this is your first time!

Family worship is doable. Each time should take less than 15 minutes. I’ve chosen four selections from the Gospel of Luke to model for you what it would look like to simply read through a book of the Bible together day by day. Once you see how simple it is, my hope is you will begin to do family worship more often—not just when the virus of a lifetime happens to be passing through.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Chad Ashby

College Street Baptist Church

Published by Chad C. Ashby

Instructor of Literature, Math, and Theology at Greenville Classical Academy Greenville, SC

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