2.8 — St. Patrick & Loving Your Enemies

Myth and legend swirl through the shamrocked legacy of Patricius son of Calpurnius, son of Potitus the Catholic priest. Most of what we know for certain about Patrick, the Apostle of Ireland, comes from his own Confessio,a defense of his ministry and belief written late in life. This autobiographical treatise along with a letter denouncing the barbaric actions of Coroticus and his men are the only two authentic works of Patrick we have today.

Of all the half-truths and tall-tales we know about Patrick, one thing we know for certain: St. Patrick was a Spirit-called, compassionate missionary to the pagan Celts of Ireland. This is his story.

Published by Chad C. Ashby

Instructor of Literature, Math, and Theology at Greenville Classical Academy Greenville, SC

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