Wilderness Wandering: Ash Wednesday

Today many Christians across the world will celebrate Ash Wednesday.  As a Baptist, the liturgical calendar has never been my strong suit, and I have to admit that I was confused the first time I saw the ashen crosses–which was while I was in college!  However, throughout the years, I have come to respect thoseContinue reading “Wilderness Wandering: Ash Wednesday”

Getting Knocked Out by a German Youth Pastor

(photo credit) Have you ever been dissatisfied with your church?  Have you, pastor, ever wished your church was more…awesome?  Are you astounded by how far your church falls short in the “obeying the Bible” category?  Do members of your congregation let you down–over and over and over again? Meet Dietrich Bonhoeffer.  He’s about to takeContinue reading “Getting Knocked Out by a German Youth Pastor”

Yikes: A Painfully (Though Humorously) Accurate Critique of Youth Group

My wife and I have reminisced about our days in youth group–our foolishness, pride, and short-sightedness…but this video will make you blush at it’s sarcastic accuracy. The cynic in me couldn’t contain the laughter, and the pastor in me is trying to hold back the tears.

Baptists Need to Come Out of the Closet

(photo credit) I was reading Manual of Church Order this afternoon, and I stumbled across a great quote from J.L. Dagg (1794-1884).  He is recounting how he chose in his youth between the options of being a lawyer or a minister: At length the advice of Mr. Powell rose before me, with success at the bar, andContinue reading “Baptists Need to Come Out of the Closet”

Brothers, We Are Not Sexy

(photo credit) It is the day before the anniversary of the tragic Roe vs. Wade Decision, and we had the brand new Crisis Pregnancy Center with us yesterday, and I preached on Matthew 5:9, encouraging our congregation to make peace (by means of the gospel) in a world filled with violence and men at warContinue reading “Brothers, We Are Not Sexy”