“Whoa!” Is the New “Hallelujah!”

I’ve heard people riff on “___________ is the new ___________” in many different ways, but today I’m applying it to the positively pragmatic approach of many worship song writers.  You see, they have realized that “Whoa!” is the new “Hallelujah!” Allow me to explain.  For years the word “hallelujah” has been a mainstay of theContinue reading ““Whoa!” Is the New “Hallelujah!””

Is the Church the Place to Party Hard?–Part 3

My sister-in-law dug up a video from my days in college that brought back great memories of a week spent with nine other Christian young men.  Unfortunately for me, the video is mildly incriminating since it contains actual footage of us guys doing the equivalent of a “flash mob” style dance party in different areasContinue reading “Is the Church the Place to Party Hard?–Part 3”