God’s Mercy at the DMV

I am not really one for sharing personal stories. However, I had a particularly encouraging experience of God’s mercy yesterday that involved–of all things!–the DMV and paying taxes. Based on the bizarre and unexpected nature of my experience, I figured you might enjoy hearing about it. When we first moved to Newberry, SC, more thanContinue reading “God’s Mercy at the DMV”

Resist the Urge

There is a temptation common to all Christians. It is a strong urge we must fight and conquer. It has nothing to do with sexual temptation, drugs, or overeating at a Golden Corral. I’m talking about the urge to say, “I’ll be praying for you.” These are the most well-intentioned words we can utter as Christians.Continue reading “Resist the Urge”

“Hurting Your Witness” Is the Least of Your Worries

Why do you try not to sin?  In the evangelical world, a popular response to that question is, “I don’t want to hurt my witness.”  If you grew up in youth group like I did, no doubt this principle was drilled into you week after week.  My general understanding was that I needed to avoid sin becauseContinue reading ““Hurting Your Witness” Is the Least of Your Worries”