Resist the Urge

There is a temptation common to all Christians. It is a strong urge we must fight and conquer. It has nothing to do with sexual temptation, drugs, or overeating at a Golden Corral. I’m talking about the urge to say, “I’ll be praying for you.” These are the most well-intentioned words we can utter as Christians.Continue reading “Resist the Urge”

The Lord’s Prayer: Let’s Get Litur-gi-cal!

The Lord’s Prayer is a historical mainstay in Christian liturgy, yet it has been strangely scarce in Baptist life.  I don’t mean that we never reference that portion of Matthew and Luke; we just never use it as an aid in corporate worship (i.e., pray it together in service).  When I joined a club soccerContinue reading “The Lord’s Prayer: Let’s Get Litur-gi-cal!”