The Greatest Pain in Childbirth and Sorrow of the Ground

Recently my wife delivered our third son, but this time around, things were a little different.  With the first two boys, we made it to the hospital in plenty of time, she got her epidural, and we sailed through delivery like it weren’t no thang.  Somehow this time we missed all of the signs ofContinue reading “The Greatest Pain in Childbirth and Sorrow of the Ground”

Authorial Intention: Entering the Discussion

I have been reading the discussion cued by Jim Hamilton in his article, interacted with by Patrick Schreiner at his blog Ad Fontes, and further discussed by Matt Emerson in this article.  Though I might be a 5’5″ near midget among giants here, I would love to enter the discussion with a few perspectives of myContinue reading “Authorial Intention: Entering the Discussion”

Jesus in Genesis: Brief Typologies

For your Monday morning, here is a pick-me-up: some Christological typology from the book of Genesis.  Genesis is an amazing saga about the origins of the universe, the creation and fall of man, the election of God’s chosen seed, and the development of the twelve tribes.  Genesis provides many motifs, symbols, and types that shapeContinue reading “Jesus in Genesis: Brief Typologies”

“So, Moses Walks into a Bar…”

I’m sure you recognize these iconic fingers.  This pose has been satirized, recreated, and reinterpreted in art, T.V., and cartoons.  I bet you recognize the sound of these, as well: “A guy walks into a bar…”,  “It was high-noon as the tumbleweed slowly rolled through the dusty town…”, and  “Once upon a time…”.  Whether youContinue reading ““So, Moses Walks into a Bar…””

“Free Bird”: Lynyrd Skynyrd, Leviticus, and the Leper

Okay, so I admit I may have brought you here under false pretenses.  This is not a post to reminisce upon the iconic Southern rock song with the world’s longest guitar solo.  However, the concept of “free bird” is found in the Gospel of Matthew.  If you have read Matthew, no doubt you recognize hisContinue reading ““Free Bird”: Lynyrd Skynyrd, Leviticus, and the Leper”