“We Three Kings”: How Many Wise Men Were There Really?

It’s another Advent season, and another round of articles poised to rob us of our Christmas joy. This is not one of those articles. Sufjan Stevens encourages us to embrace the inner Christmas unicorn each December. It’s a time of imagination, celebration, and mirth. So, as we come to the traditional Christmas carol “We ThreeContinue reading ““We Three Kings”: How Many Wise Men Were There Really?”

Who Needs ‘The Shack’? We’ve Got Abraham, Isaac, and the Servant!

  There is a reason we are enamored with The Shack. We have a longing to see God’s purposes played out in metaphor, in terms we can touch and taste and feel. We are feeble creatures, and we need spiritual realities to be depicted in physical terms. The Shack scratches an itch–albeit poorly, like when you reach your handContinue reading “Who Needs ‘The Shack’? We’ve Got Abraham, Isaac, and the Servant!”

The Curious Case of Benjamin

I have this annoying quirk where I can’t let the particulars of Scripture go. When the Bible gets descriptive, there must be some significance beyond satisfying mere curiosity. There are no throw away parts of Scripture, no parts that are just for your information. Unexpected details get my wheels churning. When it comes to myContinue reading “The Curious Case of Benjamin”

“On Canonical Reading, Context, and Collective Biblical Consciousness”

Words have no meaning without context. You can read the words “once” and “upon” and “a” and “time” separately, and they could mean an infinite number of things. However, string them together and all of the sudden by appearing side by side they communicate a specific meaning: “Once upon a time…” Perhaps the first timeContinue reading ““On Canonical Reading, Context, and Collective Biblical Consciousness””

The Greatest Pain in Childbirth and Sorrow of the Ground

Recently my wife delivered our third son, but this time around, things were a little different.  With the first two boys, we made it to the hospital in plenty of time, she got her epidural, and we sailed through delivery like it weren’t no thang.  Somehow this time we missed all of the signs ofContinue reading “The Greatest Pain in Childbirth and Sorrow of the Ground”

Authorial Intention: Entering the Discussion

I have been reading the discussion cued by Jim Hamilton in his article, interacted with by Patrick Schreiner at his blog Ad Fontes, and further discussed by Matt Emerson in this article.  Though I might be a 5’5″ near midget among giants here, I would love to enter the discussion with a few perspectives of myContinue reading “Authorial Intention: Entering the Discussion”