Why Did Paul Winter in Nicopolis?

I’m in a wintry mood this morning. Christmas is just around the corner. Perhaps you are stuck inside looking at the snow falling, or maybe you live in South Carolina–like me–and are watching cold rain. You clutch your mug nice and warm in your hand, and a perfectly normal thought enters your mind, “I wonderContinue reading “Why Did Paul Winter in Nicopolis?”

Churches that Love the Gospel…Love Paul

Acts is a book about the foundation of the church, but it is a book foundational to the church in every generation. In his second volume, Luke invites us into the fellowship of the local church. We hear the preaching of the apostles. We witness baptism. We taste the life together (κοινωνια, Acts 2:42). We hearContinue reading “Churches that Love the Gospel…Love Paul”

The Curious Case of Benjamin

I have this annoying quirk where I can’t let the particulars of Scripture go. When the Bible gets descriptive, there must be some significance beyond satisfying mere curiosity. There are no throw away parts of Scripture, no parts that are just for your information. Unexpected details get my wheels churning. When it comes to myContinue reading “The Curious Case of Benjamin”

“We Are Called To Be Christian Strippers”

It is a terrible thing what our Bible translations have become these days.  I have a feeling our translations are so tidy and squeaky clean due to our conception of modern rating systems like MPAA.  Christian parents want to make sure everything in their child’s Bible is PG.  To me, this is the height ofContinue reading ““We Are Called To Be Christian Strippers””