Churches that Love the Gospel…Love Paul

Acts is a book about the foundation of the church, but it is a book foundational to the church in every generation. In his second volume, Luke invites us into the fellowship of the local church. We hear the preaching of the apostles. We witness baptism. We taste the life together (κοινωνια, Acts 2:42). We hearContinue reading “Churches that Love the Gospel…Love Paul”

Evangelism: How to Pull the Trigger

As Christians, we all have the desire to see people come to Jesus.  It’s our nature.  We want to experience the joy of the Lord when we celebrate another soul entering the Kingdom of Heaven.  However, sometimes we get “gun-shy.”  How do we pull the trigger on the Gospel?  What do we say?  How doContinue reading “Evangelism: How to Pull the Trigger”

The Canned Gospel

If you were to present the gospel in two or three minutes, what would you say?  In many Reformed circles today, I believe our mental Bible dictionaries probably have this entry: gos·pel   [gos-puhl]  noun.  Definition — justification by faith alone. Certainly this is a part of the good news, but is that the whole of it?Continue reading “The Canned Gospel”