Audi Asks, “Where Do Our Little Girls Find Value?”

I watched the Super Bowl last night, and I must say: I have never regretted watching something so much in my life. Full disclosure–I am a Miami Dolphins fan, so let’s just say there is no love lost between me and the Patriots. In between Tom Brady getting sacked like a dozen times and throwingContinue reading “Audi Asks, “Where Do Our Little Girls Find Value?””

Gender-bending Hymnals: Old-Fashioned Dualism and LGBT

I was reading J.D. Greear’s most recent post, What’s the Deal with the “T” in LGBT, and I couldn’t help but think about a comment that one of my close friends made a couple of weeks ago.  As we were listening to a performance of the song, “I’ll Fly Away”, he leaned over to meContinue reading “Gender-bending Hymnals: Old-Fashioned Dualism and LGBT”

Gender and the Image of God

Admit it.  You’ve thought about it.  Will we have gender in the afterlife?  Jesus did say that there is no marriage after the resurrection.  No marriage=no gender, right?  And didn’t Paul say in Galatians 3:28 that “there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”  Maybe God is going toContinue reading “Gender and the Image of God”