Throwback Church: Can We Be Retro in a Progressive Era?

These days twenty-somethings have embraced the relics of previous generations.  We buy outdated electronics to display in our studio apartments, wear calculator watches, and clothe ourselves with throwback everything–because its ironic, or something.  Only today could a song called “Thrift Shop” go to the top of the charts esteeming “your granddad’s hand-me-downs” and a siteContinue reading “Throwback Church: Can We Be Retro in a Progressive Era?”

Why I Pulled a Knife on My Congregation

Well, it was more of a meat cleaver than a knife:  “If your right eye causes you to sin, tear it out and throw it away. For it is better that you lose one of your members than that your whole body be thrown into hell.  And if your right hand causes you to sin,Continue reading “Why I Pulled a Knife on My Congregation”

The Pastoral “Three-Year Glitch”: Ecclesiological Divorce

As I prepare this week to preach from Matthew 5:21-32, I have been thinking about divorce.  Having only pastored for five months, other pastors always say to me, “Oh, you’re still in the honeymoon phase!”  They mean well, and they’re being honest.  A pastor’s ministry in a church is quite similar to a marriage inContinue reading “The Pastoral “Three-Year Glitch”: Ecclesiological Divorce”

Is the Church the Place to Party Hard?–Part 3

My sister-in-law dug up a video from my days in college that brought back great memories of a week spent with nine other Christian young men.  Unfortunately for me, the video is mildly incriminating since it contains actual footage of us guys doing the equivalent of a “flash mob” style dance party in different areasContinue reading “Is the Church the Place to Party Hard?–Part 3”

Sensual Injections of Religious Rock (CCM) — Part 2

Perhaps you are wondering what a lion-headed god serpent has to do with Contemporary Christian Music (CCM).  Well, stay tuned.  I have been mulling over the article I read and posted a few days ago, and the layers of that onion just kept coming off–to the point that a Part 3 to this topic mayContinue reading “Sensual Injections of Religious Rock (CCM) — Part 2”

Wilderness Wandering: Ash Wednesday

Today many Christians across the world will celebrate Ash Wednesday.  As a Baptist, the liturgical calendar has never been my strong suit, and I have to admit that I was confused the first time I saw the ashen crosses–which was while I was in college!  However, throughout the years, I have come to respect thoseContinue reading “Wilderness Wandering: Ash Wednesday”

The Sensual Injections of Religious Rock (CCM) — Part One

Sorry, Louis.  You have no place on the IPod of the truly religious Christian. Part of taking a new pastorate means you inherit all of the junk mail of the previous guy.  There is an independent Baptist newspaper that shows up in my mailbox–sort of like a letter from Paul–that contains all kinds of…”articles”.  TheContinue reading “The Sensual Injections of Religious Rock (CCM) — Part One”