Christmas Gifts: Are You Grinchy or Gracious?

It’s December 1st, and last Friday was Black Friday, which probably means your Christmas shopping is in full swing.  If you’ve lived in the Evangelical world for any number of Christmases, you have probably run into many different methodologies when it comes to giving Christmas gifts–especially to your kids.  The next generation of Christian parentsContinue reading “Christmas Gifts: Are You Grinchy or Gracious?”

Smalltown Poets | Christmas

Here’s a short music update to interrupt your regularly schedule Christmas decorating: Smalltown Poets has a Christmas album.  The band who first appeared in 1997 with a self-titled debut didn’t put anything out since “Listen Closely” in 2006; however, this Christmas album has everything: Nostalgia from a 90s band I used to love  √ ThatContinue reading “Smalltown Poets | Christmas”